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>Hello, we're the EnCryptid Server. We're part of the system known as Library of Ruina.
>We are a literal, past-life based collection of interlinked personalities and consciousnesses sharing a single body with a flair for the mythical and playing up archetypes for fun and effect.
>This page is intended for introductory purposes. If you have ended up here accidentally, or believe this to be a character sheet or roleplay-related due to its formatting, this is not meant for you.
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>We refer to ourselves as a "server" as opposed to a "system" for numerous reasons. We don't feel that "system" fits our experience as midcontinuum, or our understanding of self and our origins.>"Midcontinuum" is an older plurality term used much the same way as "median" is. We share a mind, thoughts, opinions, and ideas, but the way we display ourselves, interact with those thoughts, and present our own perspective and applications of those opinions differs between us.>As a result, we can switch focus ("in focus" is our alternative to "in front/fronting" to differentiate between us and fully separate individuals using the body/mind) seamlessly during conversation, with no loss of flow or lapses in consciousness. If one of us knows someone, we all do.>We also have SoulBonds who share our body and our space. To avoid confusion, we consider them separate "system members", and our collective group is made up of "server members" or "Sefirot" (singular: Sephira).>The reason for this is because at our most basic level, our memories, ideas, and understanding of how we came to be as a server and as individuals is best reflected (although with some significant differences) in the monster management simulator Lobotomy Corporation and the sequel game Library of Ruina.>This does technically make us fictionkin or fictives, but we don't use the terms ourselves despite a history in and continued engagement in some segments of the fictionkin community.>In addition, due to other memories and experiences of ours, we do have more "traditional" experiences of other lives and the things that tend to come with them, such as shifts, memories, and homesickness.>It's a bit complicated, but the essential breakdown of how shifting works for us is: our consciousnesses are interlinked, so we share experiences. While we may be separate in personality and appearance, we all have the same information, so we all experience shifts. They exist on a separate "layer" for us in a similar way to how the body does. It's almost like a change in our collective perception of the mind and the body that houses it, separate from us as consciousnesses.>As a result, our self-reference may seem confusing at times. We use "I" to refer to ourselves when shifted or when in reference to the specific Sephira in focus, and we use "we" collectively in several situations, but that's why we use "midcontinuum" seeing as we're somewhere between "one" and "multiple parts" by our very nature. This is not a contradiction or us being confused about our existence.>Additionally, virtually all of this is secondary in some ways to our eldritch origins and nature. While we have termed this source energy/entity/dimension "the Library", it is different from the anomalous location in Library of Ruina, as we do not believe it is something shown in full in any work of fiction or lore. As an offshoot of this source energy that has taken form and incarnated in various bodies, we have termed our core nature as "Librarians".>As Librarians, we feel our job, our nature, and our existence is constant students of life. We collect, archive, investigate, combine, and test various forms of information.>We will likely not detail much about our work with the Library here or elsewhere, however we have written some about various aspects of it. If you know us personally, feel free to ask us for further information.<Return>

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>Additional data on individual server members can be accessed by clicking the underlined text.
>"Tag" is a general reference notation for a specific server member when their status is unknown, or for archival purposes.
>We have quite a bit of shared context and history with our partner system Legion and its members, and it's safe to assume that in a given life one or many of our family members will have been there as well in one form or another.
>To do: Find/make better pictures/icons for each server member, have everyone take MBTI tests, add additional info to each member's page.

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>Very friendly and sociable. Most likely to default to focus if nobody else is available.
>Remembers the most about the City due to having two bodies by technicality. Likes to talk about this, and likes to recreate food from the district/sector they remember most.
>Has many, many feelings about what happened to EPCOT.
(art by us!)

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  • He/him, okay with they/them

  • Paratypes: Gundham Tanaka

  • INTJ-A

  • Playlist link

>Often speaks more formally than other server members, save for [8.black].
>Wants to get into vulture culture/taxidermy at some point.
>Can't stand light and heat. Frequently covers up to avoid these when possible.

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>A horrible goose, really. Also friendly and talkative but far more likely to provoke potentially controversial conversations.
>Hopes to be permanently engraved in everyone's minds in the form of memes. Also hopes to be able to sing (either physically or through making an UTAU of herself.)
(art by us!)

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[tba by Roland because im gay]

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>Likes positive, constructive discussion about "nostalgic" subjects.
>Would live off of nothing but sweets if they were physically capable of doing so.

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  • Any pronouns, preferably whatever is personally associated most with "intimidation" or "authority" to the speaker

  • ESTP-A

  • Playlist link

>Very blunt and can often come off as abrasive. Often needs nuances and subtleties explained clearly.
>Can be confrontational at times. It's best to not encourage this.
(Special thanks to DoctorCorby for accurate art!)

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  • He/him

  • [mbti]

  • [playlist in progress]

>Generally kind and supportive. Tends to type more slowly.
>Enjoys coffee and cooking.

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>Significantly more removed from personal/emotional issues than other server members. Doesn't necessarily mean she's cold or distant, just unaffected by things that would bother most other server members.
>Likes black coffee with a bit of sugar. Actually has no clue why so many people make jokes about her canon counterpart.
(Special thanks to Khadaij for accurate art!)

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  • Paratypes: Lucemon (Rookie form and Shadowlord mode), possibly Apocalypse Bird


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  • He/they

  • Will only respond to "Nine".

  • Paratypes: Sakuya Izayoi

  • [mbti]

  • [playlist in progress]

>If direct contact is made with anyone outside the server, assume something has gone wrong. Will not talk to people outside the server under normal circumstances.(Special thanks to Legion and Khadaij for accurate art!)

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